Wine ~ it begins with the seed, becomes the grape, then crushing, then wine. Although the fruit and its beauty are violently stomped, that beauty delicately passes over our palates, and transports us from the ordinary. 

Film ~ it begins with the concept, becomes various storylines, then production, then film. The tale is at times beautiful, at times violent, and transports us from the ordinary.

The Festival ~ join us where the reel unwinds and the cork unwines, where in our chairs unmoving we are moved jointly and transported from the ordinary.

August 16 - 20, 2022
Seattle Wine & Film Festival

The Seattle Wine and Film Festival is foremost a film festival. Our festival occurs over five days and this year will begin on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. It will be a hybrid festival due to covid, starting as an online festival and culminating in live events and screenings at the Carco Theatre by Saturday, August 20, 2022. We plan to screen at least twenty features and fifty short films during our five-day festival. Other events will likely include talks about film and musical performances by virtuosic guests. Past virtuosos have included Matt Palmer, an American guitarist, and Simone Lamsma, a Dutch violinist.

Secondly, we are a wine festival, dedicated to appreciating primarily wines made in the State of Washington. We spotlight boutique wineries of high calibre, and these wineries offer free wine-tasting of their quality wines throughout the festival during the live events and live screenings. Among our seventy films, we typically screen a few films focused on wine. The other films have nothing to do with wine, but instead engage us with other fantastic stories and topics.

We are a fast-growing festival committed to high art, whether that be quality independent film, musical guests who are distinguished in their fields, or wines crafted by skilled winemakers at small wineries. We strive to preserve our more intimate movie-viewing and networking experience. We look forward to you joining our momentum and contributing to our values, and welcome films from any part of the world.


Awards & Prizes

Best Feature, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Animation, Best Foreign Feature, Best Foreign Short, Best Short Short, Best Music Video