Wine ~ it begins with the seed, becomes the grape, then crushing, then wine. Although the fruit and its beauty are violently stomped, that beauty delicately passes over our palates, and transports us from the ordinary. 

Film ~ it begins with the concept, becomes various storylines, then production, then film. The tale is at times beautiful, at times violent, and transports us from the ordinary.

The Festival ~ join us where the reel unwinds and the cork unwines, where in our chairs unmoving we are moved jointly and transported from the ordinary.

*   *   *   *   *

August 7, 2021
Snohomish Wine Festival

FOR OUR NEXT EVENT, we are pleased to partner with this year's Snohomish Wine Festival in nearby Snohomish. Please join us and them for a wonderful day of wine appreciation in a charming, rural setting. A wide range of wineries will be offering a bountiful spread of wines, and during this event, we plan to show various films on the theme of wine, passion, and the quest for discovery. Kindly see the following link for more details: Snohomish Wine Festival. 

Our 2020 Seattle Wine & Film Festival

Premium Wines

Unlimited pours from local boutique wineries


and the great pairings with wine...

Character Cheeses

Enjoy character cheeses such as Marco Polo Reserve with lightly-milled green and black peppercorn, or Smoked Flagship, which has been cold-smoked with apple and cherry wood, or New Woman with its Jamaican jerk spices!

Artisan Bread

Pair your wine with artisan breads, like the Olive and Herb Fougasse or Walnut Pain au Levain. Have you ever tried

Cherry Pumpernickel?

Luscious Chocolate

Finally, awaken your palate with truffles of Sea Salt Caramel, Mousse au Chocolat, and Strawberry Rhubarb. How about experiencing Parisian-style macarons and dark Chocolate Shortbread!


award-winning films 

& world-class music

But not just a wine festival, we're a film festival!

Star Sand

US film premiere

Star Sand is set on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa during the war. A young woman finds two men hiding in a cave: a Japanese army deserter and a debilitated American soldier. 

Featured Performances

by Matt Palmer

world-class guitarist

“of the highest quality…with flawless technique, deep levels of personal expression, and an artistic integrity that seems far too rare these days.” 

Guitar International Magazine

                          His Bio

Talk by Jim Porter, Esq.


Have you ever toyed with the idea of opening a winery? Jim Porter took the plunge. He is now co-owner of Keystone Cellars, a micro-winery (for now) in Eastern Washington. A talk about his path to success, the challenges, and the solutions.


Seattle Wine & Film, a nonprofit corporation, is pleased to having presented this outstanding festival. This year the festival was hosted at the repurposed Rainier Brewery in the chic space of the Jeff Hengst Art Gallery. We screened quality films, most of which won awards at other film festivals. We featured the lesser-known, boutique wineries of Eastern Washington, offering unlimited wine-tasting of their terrific wines. Matt Palmer, a world-class guitarist, performed both at the black-tie gala on Saturday evening and again on Sunday afternoon. The US premiere of Star Sand also occurred Sunday afternoon with a private screening of it at the gala the night before. Have you ever toyed with the idea of opening a winery? Jim Porter, Esq. made the plunge and talked about how he succeeded. His talk was on Saturday afternoon. Thank you for having joined us for these exciting events!


Local Boutique Wineries
Jan. 18th & 19th, 2020
Hengst Art Gallery, Seattle