Wine ~ it begins with the seed, becomes the grape, then crushing, then wine. Although the fruit and its beauty are violently stomped, that beauty delicately passes over our palates, and transports us from the ordinary. 

Film ~ it begins with the concept, becomes various storylines, then production, then film. The tale is at times beautiful, at times violent, and transports us from the ordinary.

The Festival ~ join us where the reel unwinds and the cork unwines, where in our chairs unmoving we are moved jointly and transported from the ordinary.

October 16 - 17, 2021
Seattle Wine & Film Festival

We are pleased to invite you to our annual Festival. This year the event will be a virtual festival due to the lingering presence of the pandemic. Kindly join us during the above weekend for carefully curated films on the theme of wine, passion, and the quest of discovery.


Two distinguished musicians will be performing at the Festival as well. Simone Lamsma is a Dutch violinist, who has performed with major symphony orchestras across the globe. She plays a Stradivarius. She will be performing with The Hague Philharmonic, who is also participating. Matt Palmer is also back. In case you don't know Matt already, he's a world-class acoustic guitarist. He's premiering a piece about the rise of an AI machine!


And don't miss a talk hosted by our Deputy Director on the topic of Ice Wine. Never heard of Ice Wine? Good, check out our talk about it.

Our program schedule accommodates the different time zones around the world, so that anyone anywhere can participate.

You'll find our Festival in our Virtual Theater. A weekend pass can be purchased there, so please click through.


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