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Black-Tie  Gala

The Seattle Wine & Film Festival proudly presents our Black-Tie Gala. This fantastic and formal event is perfect for your late January social calendar! On what other occasion do you get a recital, film premiere, wine-tasting, and exquisite desserts? If you enjoy getting dressed up and taking in the fine arts, you won't want to miss this Gala.


The evening will begin with our palates tasting the lustrous, bodied wines of Eastern Washington while mixing with others attending the event. To pair with this unlimited wine-tasting, choice cheeses and artisan breads will also be served. Matt Palmer, a classical guitarist of outstanding caliber, will then perform. We will then move to enjoying delicious desserts and luscious chocolates with our wines and more socializing. A private screening of the feature film Star Sand will follow. The director will be present for Q&A and everyone will receive a signed copy of his novel by the same title. 

The venue is the Hengst Art Gallery inside the Old Rainier Brewery with seating available. Doors open at 7 pm on Saturday, January 18, 2020. This is a "black-tie" gala, a great opportunity for the gents to sport their favorite dark suit and tie (or tuxedo) and for the ladies to shine in their cocktail dress (or gown). This dress code is not mandatory but recommended. Our event will be warm-hearted and comfortable rather than over-crowded, as tickets are limited.


Treat your special someone to a marvelous night on the town! Or feel free to attend solo and meet like-minded individuals. We hope to see you there!

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