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Old Rainier Brewery


The location for the Festival this year is the Old Rainier Brewery. This repurposed building offers free, ample parking.

Not only does this repurposed building offer work/loft spaces, a wine shop, and a high-end spa, it also houses the Hengst Art Gallery.


In this warm and welcoming venue, join us for the award-winning films, the wine-tasting from the smaller local wineries, the world-class music, and the intriguing talk about opening a winery. All film screenings, concerts, and the talk will have chairs/seating.



3100 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98134



Most films are in English and non-English films will have English subtitles.


Filmmakers who attend, along with special guests, will be interacting with audience members on both days of the festival. 

Events are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible.

Food Details

Cheese, bread, chocolate, and other food will be available on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

There is a small café located on the property and restaurants are nearby.

Coffee, tea and unlimited wine-tasting will also be provided.

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